Installing Ubuntu on a PowerMac

After a lot of testing and playing around with my PowerMac (which I do not own any more) I found out that Ubuntu 10.10 is working without any problems out of the box. That was the best solution for first time installation and then I upgraded to the newest version.... [Read More]

DynDNS Problem with DD-WRT

Since a few weeks my DD-WRT router running on V24-SP2 is coming up with an annoying log message concerning the DynDNS Service I am using DYNDNS: Error 'RC_IP_RECV_ERROR' (0x15) when talking to IP server [Read More]

Cisco SDM 404 Error

Ciscos SDM is sometimes used for configuring more complex router functions, after upgrading the SDM you could get a 404 error fot the path https://IP_ADDRESSE/home/html/home_aux.shtml [Read More]

Auto-Logout in der Bash Shell

Eingelogged ist man oft schneller als ausgelogged. Sehr problematisch ist es, wenn eine Root-Shell nach dem Verlassen des Computers offen bleibt und jeder Anwesende hier herumwerken kann. Aus diesem Grund gibt es innerhalb der Bash Shell die Environment Variable TMOUT, setzt man diese, entweder per Hand mit export TMOUT=120 oder... [Read More]