Undelete / Restore ext3 and ext4 Data

I stumbled over a very cool tool called extundelete. It promises to let you undelete/restore files you have trashed from your harddisk. I stumbled over it after deleting about 1TB of data on my QNAP Nas and actually it works pretty well and also restores the file names. [Read More]

The OVF Descriptor File could not be parsed

It is not ending at all - the series of problems using Cisco OVAs within my VMWare Workstation installation. After solving some minor issues I found out that VMWare got shipped with a pretty old OVF-tool. Hitting to the VMWare site and downloading the new one took me one stop... [Read More]

Add extra storage on the fly with LVM2

How to add extra storage on the fly using LVM. Here are the steps I used to get my 80GB Maxtor(sda) and 60GB Western Digital(sdb) to work together as one logical unit. I am also using ext3 as my filesystem because it supports on-line resizing. [Read More]