Wow, einer meiner ersten Blog Posts ist aus dem Jahr 2005. Einer meiner letzten Posts aus 2013. Dazwischen ist viel passiert jedoch nicht hier. [Read More]

TextMate and Python 3

If you are working on a Apple Mac you probably know Textmate - THE texteditor for Mac. Also if you do start Python Coding you get confronted with Python 2 and Python 3 and do know that Max OS X is using Python 3 per default. The installation of Python... [Read More]

Permissions mixed up on QNAP

Working with AFP/SMB on your QNAP and different users and/or operating systems can mess up your file permissions. The reason therefore is pretty complicated - but the solution to fix it is much easier. [Read More]

Cisco Configuration Manager and UC520

After downloading the newest version of Ciscos Configuration Manager and all the updated packages for the UC520 I started the upgrade process for the Unified Communications 520 for Small Business. I wasn’t surprised when the first error messages came up, because those things never work that smoothly. [Read More]