Since a few weeks my DD-WRT router running on V24-SP2 is coming up with an annoying log message concerning the DynDNS Service I am using DYNDNS: Error 'RC_IP_RECV_ERROR' (0x15) when talking to IP server

After digging around in the DD-WRT Forum I found some interesting threads trying to figure out where the problem is located

After a lot of good ideas and helpful comments I took the quick route (noted by a forum member) and fixed the problem for me by setting up DynDNS manually:

  1. Go to Setup / DDNS of your DD-WRT router
  2. DDNS Service: Custom
  3. DYNDNS Server:
  4. User Name: #yourusername#
  5. Password: #yourpassword#
  6. Host Name: #yourdyndnshostname#
  7. URL: /nic/update?
  8. Additional DDNS Options: --dyndns_system --ip_server_name /

The rest stays with the default settings - thats it afters Apply Settings the error should be gone :)

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